We  are selling on ebay since 2008 animal leather tanning kits , leather lubricant, chrome tanning solutions, tanning powder which dissolwe in water make the ready tanning bath, tools for tanning, skinning the animals, hoysts traps, etc.  Welcome to our website  

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My Story

We had a hardware store in St Marys , Sydney western suburbs between 2000 - 2008.  The times changed, and we started the online business and solld many different items on our ebay site. Tools, hardware,  bargain items - engineering tools,instruments, plumbing, electrical, chemicals, bargain items, whole sale lots.

We supply hunters, farmers, taxidermist and people who prepares and preserwes animal hide as hobby or art.

We support our customers, helping to solve all problems . We post all  our items  Australia wide , most of them for free. We are happy to serving you and welcome back any time.

Thank you to visit our website,

and do not hesitate to contact us

Andrew Gaspar